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Our MRI Scanner

There has been a software update to our existing machine, to our MRI machine - a GE HDxt 16 Channel MRI Scanner. With 16 channel coils, the scan time is cut in half (which means less time for you in the scanner)!


 Affordable Imaging Services is committed to providing the best possible MRI experience in the most comfortable environment to patients in the Greater Cincinnati Area. We offer our state-of-the-art MRI imaging in our conveniently located office in the Eastgate area.

1.5T MRI - The Gold Standard In Imaging


  • Field strength of choice in the USA.
  • Proven track record and safety standards.
  • Most implants and stents have been tested on the 1.5T MRI and a larger number can be scanned.
  • Better in abdominal imaging.
  • Faster scans than open MRI scanners.
  • Less metal artifact than higher field strength units
  • Less noise than units of higher field strength.
  • Lower amount of heat generated than higher field strength units.
  • More accommodating for patients who have metal implants, devices, foreign bodies and tattoos.
  • Routine MRI's Performed
  • Brain
  • Cervical Spine
  • Knee
  • Lumbar Spine
  • MRA (Brain)
  • Pelvis
  • Many other benefits

Same Technology at a Better Price

Don’t equate our low prices to our quality of service.  We utilize the same technology offered in the majority of hospitals and imaging centers throughout the country.  We use a 1.5T G.E. MRI scanner that is considered the gold standard for an MRI in a clinical setting. The 1.5T (Telsa) indicates the field-strength of the magnet used to obtain the images – the higher the field-strength, the more clear and detailed the images.

The majority of modern MRI systems in use today are 1.5 Tesla and provide excellent images and superior comfort during the exam. For most clinicians, the 1.5T MRI is the preferred field strength in use today, thanks to well-established protocols, imaging sequences, flexibility in applications and patient accommodation. With a wide variety of coil options, the 1.5T is the standard for image quality.