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Why Affordable Imaging Services?

Affordable Imaging Services has a new vision for the delivery of medical imaging in the emerging healthcare market of the 21st century.  Our goal is straightforward.  We have a genuine desire to deliver the best medical imaging services, at a very low cost, without losing focus on the patient.

Healthcare costs have risen dramatically over the last several years and we understand the burden this places on the average family.  By developing a business model with a strong emphasis on low overhead cost, we are able to pass on a significant savings to everyone regardless if they are uninsured or have insurance coverage.

Something Had to Be Done

In response to this new and confusing time in our healthcare delivery system, Affordable Imaging Services used our knowledge and experience gained over decades of providing specialized quality medical imaging to build a new financially-affordable model.

While maintaining the highest level of quality, we offer each and every MRI scan for the same price, which has never been seen before in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Our mission is to offer an affordable solution to medical imaging services that's designed around the best interest of the patient.

Our Company

 Affordable Imaging Services is a 100% privately held company which:

  • Has no physician ownership or affiliation.
  • Has no affiliation with any hospital, hospital system or other imaging provider, other than being a Certified Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield Provider to help support their cost saving efforts by making our MRI services available to all their members.
  • Assures all patients, referring physicians and medical practices that no additional charges will occur.

Our History

 Affordable Imaging Services has been providing high-quality, conservatively-priced vascular ultrasound imaging services to local physicians and hospitals in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee since 2010.  In addition to vascular ultrasound, we operate a high-quality, full-time G.E. 1.5T MRI scanner in the greater Cincinnati area that offers an affordable solution to overpriced medical imaging.

 Affordable Imaging Services collectively has a combination of more than 75 years of experience in the healthcare industry.  We have initiated many new projects ranging from building and operating several complete hospitals to building and operating complete diagnostics centers providing all modalities of advanced imaging technology from ultrasound to MRI. We have also established and operated many therapeutic facilities such as surgery centers and mobile lithotripsy projects.